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Jpeg compression in Flash

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Hi, This isn't a Tween question per se but I do use TweenNano for all my banners as we are always fighting file size.


So I came across some interesting information today and was wondering what the general community opinion is. How do you import images in Flash for the lowest file size? I took an image from photoshop and saved it out in these formats.


1) .png

2) .jpg "save for web" 80

3) .jpg "save for web" 100

4) .jpg "save as "12" baseline standard


I then imported into flash and set the images to Quality Custom 80. As you can see from the screen shot all the original sizes are the same, yet the compressed sizes are different in the size report. Most important is that the "save as 12" gets the lowest file size. My publish settings are as3.0 fp9


What I then end up doing is taking the .jpg from photoshop and masking it out in flash to save the transparency. Is this the best method and is "save as 12" the best option? I know where only talking about a few bytes but they all count when you have to meet a requirement!


Thanks, this is very confusing...

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It seems you are well on your way to getting some good findings on your own.


I've heard from quite a few sources that Fireworks does a much better job at compressing than Photoshop so you can start with a higher quality image at lower size:


http://webdesignerwall.com/general/fire ... ompression


so if you bring in a well-compressed jpg to flash you can choose "use imported jpg data" and be done with it.


Or you can try to skim a few more kb off by letting Flash re-compress it.




for transparent images, you can bring in transparent png and then use Flash's jpg compression on the way out and you can make it smaller and still preserve the transparency.



if you have the time to manually mask your images, that will probably give you a better file size savings



I haven't had to really crunch a banner in awhile so I'm a little rusty on all the tricks.

I think you will get more thorough responses if you posted in http://forums.adobe.com/community/flash ... ns&start=0

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Thanks so much for the reply you definitely pointed me in the right direction!

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