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strange behaviour of textfield proxy

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I have extended TM so i can use Textfields that are scalable and resizable. I use a textfield IN a mc that is called through the flash library (as linkage class).




This worked fine, but i traced the displaylist and found an DisplayObject on the displaylist with name "__tmProxy3", but these are dislocated... I know these are textfield proxies that are used in TransformItem, but why aren't they removedProxy'ed? I also extended TransformItem (TextBoxTransformItems) and can override this createProxy, but I don't know when.


I need to get rid of these proxies, because displayobjects are dynamically loaded/saved, and I can not have any garbage on the displayList due to the zooming of the canvas.


When exactly are these proxies used and when can i remove them?


or, what is the cleanest way to use scalable AND resizable textfields in your opinion?

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The proxy is used to get around some bugs in Flash (long story). The only time TransformItem creates a proxy is if/when the scaleMode is set to something other than SCALE_NORMAL. I assume you must be using a scaleMode of SCALE_WIDTH_AND_HEIGHT. To get rid of the proxies, simply set the scaleMode to SCALE_NORMAL or you could removeProxy() yourself if you prefer.

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