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Video Loader Error Codes

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Is there a complete list of error codes/messages for video loading.


I am trying to do different things depending on the error.


For example:

1) If loader fails to load file -> Fatal!

2) If loader fails to load Mets -> Not so bad!





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Also...I am loading many assets (12 large FLV, 24 small PNG).


Am I correct in seeing many errors appearing while it is trying to get the pngs, but can't because the FLVs are loading.


All the assets are loading eventually, but the loader is throwing many errors along the way.


Just trying to understand what qualifies as an error...


I there a setting for FATAL .. absolutely can't get an asset type failure?


(Should I be opening more 'connections'? If so, what are the implications of this?





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No, it is definitely NOT normal to get a bunch of error messages while loading.


There are various LoaderEvent types, many of which describe errors. You can see them in the ASDocs. http://www.greensock.com/as/docs/tween/ ... Event.html


If you want to know when a loader fails (as opposed to just errors), you can listen for the LoaderEvent.FAIL event. Lots of options. :)


As far as opening more connections, that's totally up to you but most browsers impose some limitation anyway, like no more than 4. Typically 2 is a good number that gets things moving quickly and keeps the queue prioritized.


And no, the fact that videos are loading while PNGs are loading will NOT cause errors. They can load independently and asynchronously. No problem at all - I do it all the time. It sounds like maybe there are some problems with your server or URLs or something. Tough to know without seeing the error messages or being able to test a sample FLA on our end.

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LoaderEvent.FAIL is what i'm looking for and that documentation will help a lot.


Thanks for your perspective.. hopefully now I can work out what is going on..


Thanks again!



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