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SelectItems bug [SOLVED]

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I think I have possibly found a bug in the TransformManager class to do with selecting items.


Please note I think this bug would be unlikely to occur if you were selecting/deselecting items using the mouse. I am probably only seeing it because I am supporting undo/redo operations in my application, so I am changing the selection programatically based on the history of user interactions.


The bug:


When setting the selection to be two items, and then setting the selection to be one (different) item, only one of the initially selected items is deselected.




transformManager.selectItems( [ redItem, greenItem ] );

// returns transformItems for redItem, greenItem
trace( transformManager.selectedItems );

transformManager.selectItems( [ blueItem ] );

// returns transformItems for redItem, blueItem. This is wrong! it should just be blueItem.
trace( transformManager.selectedItems );

I believe the problem is a loop (line 1126) in the selectItems() method.


It is iterating over the _selectedItems array, but I suspect the length of the array can be modified during an iteration, prematurely exiting the loop before all items are iterated over.


I have seemingly fixed this behaviour by iterating over a copy of the _selectedItems array instead:




var selectedItems : Array = _selectedItems.slice();

// ... iterate over copy instead


Can anyone confirm that this is happening or am I misunderstanding something here?


Cheers d

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Yes, great catch. Thanks for pointing that out. It is fixed in the latest version (just posted this morning). Log into your GreenSock account to get it at https://www.greensock.com/account/

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