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Selection rectange - move cursor question.

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I am working with the TransformManager and I have an issue where you select multiple objects for a move. The selected objects all move together as they should. However, The cross cursor goes in and out of focus between the objects. So, you have a box boundary lassoing 3 objects - 2 squares and a circle, lets say, so there is whitespace around the three objects within the rectangle of the selection box. The expectation is that the move cursor (+) show up anywhere within the selection box, but I am only seeing it when I hover over the actual objects.


Is there a way to make it show up over the whole selection area?





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I was able to understand and make it work. I had to modify the renderSelection() call to draw a nearly transparent background, and then add the handlesDict to the onRollOverMove() method.

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Yeah, that behavior is intentional. I think it's what most people typically expect. Otherwise, how could you deselect things by clicking through to the background if, for example, one selected object is way up at the top left corner of the screen (bleeding off the edge) and another is at the bottom right corner of the screen (again, bleeding off slightly)? See the dilemma?


Glad you figured out a workaround to get the effect you wanted.

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