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transformAroundCenter conflict with mouseevents

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I'm using the transformAroundCenter-Plugin for scaling and rotating an image, as soon as I ROLL_OVER/ROLL_OUT.

Unfortunately the image bounces back and forth even when the mouse-pointer does not leave the visible image.

I removed all EventListener from the image and I'm adding them, as soon the tween has finished.

Even then it does not work.

When I disable the transformAroundCenter-Plugin, everything works fine.

Any suggestion ?


Thanks in advance

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I'm using additionally the DropShadowFilterPlugin on the same image.

Apparently the combination of those leads to the conflict.

Is there a way to solve that?

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do you get the problem with just the dropshadow?


I've found that drop shadows and glows tend to cause tons of mouse event misfires as you have explained.


my solution has been to dynamically create a solid-filled yet transparent sprite over the object with the shadow. this sprite needs to be big enough to cove the full width of the object + shadow distance.

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I also tried the native-Dropshadowfilter on the image which caused the same problem.

I will try your solution, thanks

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