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Restricting image flipping

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I'm trying to prevent a transform item from flipping using setScaleConstraints(). However, it's not working. Here's my code.


var TformManager:TransformManager = new TransformManager({scaleFromCenter:true, forceSelectionToFront: false, lineColor: 0xb9d4dd, handleFillColor: 0xd9f5ff});

var userPicItem:TransformItem;

userPicItem = TformManager.addItem(userPic_cont_mc);

userPicItem.setScaleConstraints(.1, 2, .1, 2);


Is this the correct approach for what I'm trying to do?



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Yep, that looks like the correct code. It's not working? I just tested it and it worked great for me. You're using the AS3 version, right? The AS2 version doesn't have that feature.

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