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videoLoader repeat

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Hi all,


I'm loading a video that has to be repeated only 2 times.

What I need is a function that tell me when the video repeat is over.


This is the code:


var video:VideoLoader = new VideoLoader("video.f4v", {name:"myVideo", width:500, height:500, container:videoContainer, scaleMode:"none", autoPlay:false, bufferTime:2, repeat:1, volume:0, estimatedBytes:12255778, bufferMode:true, onComplete:completeHandler});



Somebody can help me? :D


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I have the same problem! :ugeek:

I have a video that after finishing his loop, must be visible = false, but how can I know when the repeat is complete?

I already tried with video_complete but it just works for every repeat.


Thanks a lot!

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Hi MMaculatell,

i have a found a solution!!!!!


First you have to set a var for the number of the loop.

Then with the VIDEO_COMPLETE you can control the function.


Here an example:


var loop_counter:Number = 0;

myvideo.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_COMPLETE, stopVideo);


function stopVideo(event:Event)





if (loop_counter == 2){


trace("here i'm");






If you have any questions let me know!!!


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i don't think anything is built-in to handle that.


the following should work:



var playCount:Number = 0;//track times played

//add VIDEO_COMPLETE listener
video.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_COMPLETE, donePlaying);

function donePlaying(e:LoaderEvent)
if (playCount 	{
//play again
       video.gotoVideoTime(0, true);

//don't play again
	trace("video done repeating");



here everytime the VIDEO_COMPLETE event fires, you can increment a variable that keeps track of how many times the video has played.


you may want/need to remove the repeat:1 from the VideoLoader constructor. don't know.




EDIT: lol, :) looks like martinella beat me :) nice work!

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Many thanks to all!!

Now it works super and I can control every loop thanks!!


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Hi Carl

Just for few seconds!!

Thank you so much anyway!!!!!! :)

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