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Appending a Tween that was return by a function?

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Hi I was wondering if this is possible? I have a function that runs a tween i use for many different items but at one point i would like to append this function call to a timlineMax instance so it runs in sequence with other tweens I made. Here is my code:


var $timeline:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax();
$timeline.append(TweenMax.to(_container.tile, .5, { x:308, y:235 } ));
$timeline.append(Delegate.create(AnimationPresets.instance.scaleIn, _container.measurements_mc)) // <--- as you can see this tween is created  by a "scaleIn" function

public function scaleIn($d:DisplayObject):TweenMax {

return TweenMax.to( $d, .2, { scaleX:1.4, scaleY:1.4, ease: Linear.easeNone } )


But the above is not working because I guess it tries to append without executing the method call which would give it a valid TweenMax Tween. Any idea how I could do something like this?

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I believe Delegate returns a Function, while TimelineMax is looking to append an instance of TweenMax.


This line:

$timeline.append( Delegate.create( AnimationPresets.instance.scaleIn, _container.measurements_mc ) );

would essentially be:

$timeline.append( AnimationPresets.instance.scaleIn );

I would try the following to append a TweenMax to the timeline:

$timeline.append( AnimationPresets.instance.scaleIn( _container.measurements_mc ) );

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This worked perfectly. I thought I needed to use Delegate there to keep my method from calling right away. Didn't think of trying it without it:) Thanks!

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