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Flash CS4 - import "syntax error" [SOLVED]

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De-lurking here.


I had used TweenLite on some AS2 projects - worked fine. I am familiar with using the different easing functions, etc.


Just tried to work with the AS3 version of TweenMax - downloaded a new install this afternoon. There is an obvious path problem here, as even the simple statements,


import com.greensock.*;

import com.greensock.easing.*;


generate "syntax errors" when the Flash compiler does its thing. The Greensock parent "com" folder is in the same folder as the .FLA in question, and for good meaure, I added the classpath pointing to the "com" folder in AS3 Flash prefs.


Something obvious here, but I guess not to me. Windows XP, Flash CS4, etc etc etc. Can someone point out the obvious?

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Could you give us the actual compiler errors you are receiving, and perhaps the beginning of the offending class file up to the greensock imports?

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Thanks for your help. I was just getting "syntax error." I figured out that the problem was that my .FLA was based on a previous .FLA that used AS2. Even though I had deleted the things that had AS2 scripting, the file - even though resaved as a Flash CS4 version - still somehow considered itself to be using AS2, not AS3. I copied the artwork over to a new empty .FLA and everything returned to normal. The project on which I am working now involves translating the AS2 code to AS3 for maintenance and future upgrades. I've poked around and it looks like going over the code manually is my best bet - but at least TweenMax is working as expected.

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