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Hi, is there anyway to specify that a Tween should not be overwritten?


Let's say that I am tweening a single property in multiple places, and in some of those places I want to use OverwriteManager.ALL_IMMEDIATE.

However, in other places I want to specify explicitly that tweens do not get overwritten (even by tweens using whose overwrite propery has been set to ALL_IMMEDIATE).


Is there a simple way to do this?



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No, that's currently not possible but could you help me understand a practical real-world example of when that would be useful? I can't think of any. Typically the AUTO mode solves most problems. I'd be hesitant to add a feature that makes tweens immune from being overwritten because that sounds like a recipe for a lot of debugging headaches as people start wondering why things aren't being overwritten properly and need to chase down tweens that excused themselves from the whole process :)

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Here's a boiled-down version of my real-world example:


I'm implementing a graph creation & visualization program. When a node is added to the graph, all of the edges draw themselves and then undraw themselves. Whenever a node is rolled over, all incident edges of the node draw themselves and then undraw themselves. The drawing and undrawing of edges is done through tweens.


So I have two places where I want to tween alphas, size, position, etc. of edges: on addition of new nodes and on rollovers of existing nodes.


Ideally, I'd like the node-addition tweens to supersede the node-rollover tweens. Something like, if a rollover tween starts, and it sees that there's already an addition tween going on, stop execution.


However, upon rethinking this issue, I think it's best to leave this check outside the tween level, as in, check if there node-addition tweens going on before even creating node-rollover tweens.


Thanks for your response and helping me see another possible and better solution!

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