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LiquidStage when opening .swf in browser

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I am making a kiosk application that will directly be opened in a browser i.e. the fullscreen browser loads application.swf instead of application.html


I'm doing it this way because separate swfs will need to pass flashvars to each other, so I will send parameters in the url e.g.



will navigateToURL to



doing it this way because I'm not sure if there is a way of sending querystrings to static html pages e.g.



Anyway, I've noticed that when a .swf is launched in a browser the initial stage.stageHeight and stage.stageWidth are set to whatever the browser window size is so this breaks the functionality of LiquidStage as it has incorrect reference points to work with.


I hope that made sense, does anyone know an easy way around this? As it is a kiosk there will be no php etc to parse the querystring, I've used loadermax in the past too but this is the quicker and simpler route for me in this case as the flash swfs will also link to external websites within the kiosk application.



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I'm assuming you are using stage.stageHeight for baseHeight and stage.stageWidth for baseWidth when creating the LiquidStage? Just hardcode these values to your swf dimensions, or maybe use a flashvar if you are using one codebase on different sized swfs.


Also, you can access the query string using javascript (it's included in window.location iirc). Combined with SWFObject you should be fine passing your values around HTML pages.

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I could hug you right now.


Thanks jamiejefferson!

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Haha no problem.


I've barely used LiquidStage before, but I know I had the worst time using stageWidth+Height. Even in non-liquid applications it's caused problems, because you never know how your swf might be loaded. The values of stageWidth and stageHeight are actually 0 until the stage instance is created, are affected by scaleMode, and can be misreported depending on some browser settings. Too messy for my tastes.

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