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Transform rotation effects TextInput Components

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I'm getting an odd bug when I rotate an object with the flex transformer then click on a component (textinput, colour chooser, numeric stepper etc..) it's highlight box is rotated by the same amount. The components are outside the flextransform object.


Any ideas of where I should start looking?





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Gotta love Flex - that's definitely a Flex framework bug, not TransformManager. Adobe would need to fix it on their end, but you could just get rid of the focus box by doing a setStyle("focusThickness", 0) on the offending component. If anyone knows of a better solution, I'm all ears.

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Hi, thanks for the clue, you are correct it is Flex bug.


I solved it by overriding the focusManager class and setting the override as the new focus manager for the application


private function onPreinitialize():void


this.focusManager = new FocusPaneOverride(this);






package ..............



import mx.managers.FocusManager;

import mx.managers.IFocusManagerContainer;

import flash.display.Sprite;


public class FocusPaneOverride extends FocusManager



public function FocusPaneOverride(container:IFocusManagerContainer, popup:Boolean = false){




override public function get focusPane():Sprite{

var fp:Sprite = super.focusPane;

if (fp && fp.numChildren != 0)

fp.getChildAt(0).rotation = 0;


return super.focusPane;





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