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How to achieve this

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hello Flash-Professionals out there,


I wonder how to make an effect like the on on this website: http://robertjaso.com/


1. I know how to load with LoaderMax

2. I know how to set up the initial screen with all images set on the right place (so I think :-))

3. That's the first problem: How would you set up the scroll-effect when you drag with the mouse and new pictures are appearing (maybe I'm just stuck in my "stage"-thinking) don't know how to expand this stage endless

4. Second prob: I'm stucking in that fade in and movearound with the mouse in the thumbs.


Would be great, if so could point me a hint for that things.


Thanks in advance.



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I don't think the swf is loading more assets as you move around as there seem to be lots of duplicates.


there may be a simpler way to do this, but you need to detect when new assets are needed in each direction, very similar to a tile-based side scroller platform game:




try googling "AS3 Side Scroller Tile map tutorial" it may give you some basic ideas.


I would start with just trying to scroll horizontally and then worry about the vertical. keep it simple at first.


you may also want to research "object pooling" which allows you to re-use the same assets over and over and just re-position them when needed.


regardless of the approach, it is going to involve a fair bit of math.


my infinite scroller tutorial is a far cry from what you need, but perhaps the "lob off" concept can be marginally beneficial:

http://www.snorkl.tv/2011/02/easy-infin ... ll-part-1/


it is a very simplistic approach to shifting assets that are no longer needed (within the visible area)

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