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TransformAroundPoint / TransformAroundCenter pixel jump

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Hey guys


I have an (admittedly fairly complex) DisplayObject that I'm scaling up from 1x to 1.035x quite slowly (over 2s-ish). The DisplayObject contains a smoothed, scaled and masked Bitmap, and its parent has a GlowFilter applied.


When I just tween its raw scale prop the effect is smooth, but if I attempt to scale using the TransformAroundPointPlugin or the TransformAroundCenterPlugin I'm noticing quite a lot of pixel jumping/wriggling, especially along its bottom edge.


The Bitmap is smoothed, the stage quality is set to best, and all measures are in place to ensure a smooth Bitmap scaling effect. Indeed, the scaling effect is smooth when I just tween the scale, the pixel jumping only appears when using the plugins.


Just wondered if this is expected behaviour from the plugins, and if there's anything I can do to ameliorate it?





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Hmm...is that really the only difference? I noticed you mentioned a GlowFilter being applied - keep in mind that anytime a filter is applied, Flash will force cacheAsBitmap to true which will only allow that object to be rendered on whole pixel coordinates which an make things look a little "jumpy". Feel free to post a very simple example FLA so we can take a peek at what's going on in your file specifically. (don't post the GreenSock files though)

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