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[solved] retrieving multiple copies of image from LoaderMax

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hi folks


Does anyone know if it's possible to retrieve multiple copies of the same loaded image as you can with bulkloader?




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get the images rawContent (should be a bitmap if there were no security sandbox issues) then use it's data property to get a BitmapData object which you can then use in as many bitmaps as you want.


i ended up doing something quite similar but using bitmapdata.draw() from the content instead:


public function getImageById(id:String):Bitmap
if (!retrievedItems[id])
	retrievedItems[id] = LoaderMax.getContent(id);

var item:DisplayObject = retrievedItems[id];
var bmd:BitmapData = new BitmapData(item.width, item.height, true, 0);

return new Bitmap(bmd, "auto", true);



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