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Loading Queue Content into MCs?

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I have a LoaderMax queue that I set up (thanks to help from people here I might add)...


It's working fine. However, now that I'm using arrays trying to include scripted masking animation and depth swapping etc. I need to position each of these content displays in a depth with preferably and instance that I can reference.


Right now all 4 images from the loader are going into a container_mc. But I need to separate them out to be their own MC or...something. Right?


How does, or what's a standard way, a queue breaks down into instances?


All I have is queue.load()

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G'day Soup,


I'm pretty sure you can get each loader appended to your loaderMax queue to load into its own container by using the container property. So you can setup multiple loaders all with different containers and still trigger it all with the LoaderMax main loader.


		var iLoad:ImageLoader = new ImageLoader("myfile.jpg", new ImageLoaderVars()

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