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Scaling up everything in the transform manager?

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I would like to know what you think is the best way to go about this:


I have a design canvas where users can add images, rotate, scale, etc. Once they are finished their design I want to "render" everything at a larger scale (for print purposes). I am doing this by taking the transform manager and applying it to a new (hidden) object with all the same objects from the previous one in it. Now, let's say I want to scale the entire canvas up by 2.5... is there a simple way to do this?


Right now I am trying to loop through all the items and scale them. but that doesn't work exactly as I thought. Some of the x & y values are off.

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I reckon your best bet would be to add your objects to a parent movieClip and then scale the parent using scaleX and ScaleY, the child objects should scale respectively. But without seeing some code or a sample I can't really provide much more details

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Sure, Zync's suggestion should work. Another option that wouldn't involve reparenting is to simply select all of your targetObjects and then use TransformManager's scaleSelection() method. And for the record, you can select objects through code rather than interactively on the stage with the mouse. Simply use methods like selectItem() or selectItems() or use the selectedTargetObjects setter, etc.

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