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i tried to pass custom parameters when an image is loaded with the imageLoader Class. it's possible to do that with onCompleteParams like i do it with TweenMax?



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Hey ya mate,


I don't know if the official docs have been updated but you can add properties to your imageLoader objects by using the prop attribute:


var iLoad:ImageLoader = new ImageLoader("myImage",

new ImageLoaderVars()


.prop("prop1", "Hello")



Then you can access those params on a click or complete event like so:


var vars:Object = ImageLoader(e.currentTarget.loader).vars


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Yep, Zync is exactly correct. And to answer your specific question, no there is no such thing as onCompleteParams in LoaderMax because everything is event-based rather than callback-based. There are some rather compelling reasons why this is a better approach for a loading system like this, but callbacks are better suited for tweening which is why I used them accordingly.


You can store whatever you want in the "vars" object that you pass into the loader. So, for example:


var loader:ImageLoader = new ImageLoader("1.jpg", {myCustomData1:"whatever", myFunkyVariable:"yesThisWorks", onComplete:test});

function test(event:LoaderEvent):void {
   trace(event.target + " completed, myCustomData1 is " + event.target.vars.myCustomData1 + ", and myFunkyVariable is " + event.target.vars.myFunkyVariable);

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