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Controlling Selection Box Size

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I have a question I am using a movie clip with come children in it. On of the children is its own transform object. It works fine. However, when the child become larger than the parent (which is also a Transform object) the selection box traces the whole parent which is too big. I have a mask over one of the children, so what I end up with in a white gap between my parent selection and the mask inside of it. Is there an yway to set the size of the selection box so the handles trace the shape wrap the size of the child mask?


I hope that makes sense.

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Unfortunately, that's a limitation of Flash - it always includes children when reporting a DisplayObjectContainer's bounds and it doesn't factor in masking. There is a complex potential workaround involving rendering it to a BitmapData and checking for transparent pixels, but it has a massive performance cost (I find it unacceptable). If you want to give that a shot, you could override the getBounds() method on your parent and implement that BitmapData logic inside the custom getBounds(), but again, it's far from an ideal solution. I really wish Flash gave us at least the option of incorporating masks when reporting bounds, but it doesn't.

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I agree. I have also found another workaround using the selection handles in a child that is set to the right width and height. This gives me my handles in the clip sized right and in my listener methods I am performing actions to the parent.

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