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[SOLVED] Timeline gotoAndStop + label

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I have a Timeline with some steps. In the end I want it to go back to the first label and then continue through the other steps.

But when I gotoAndStop("START") and then try to restart the timeline the next animation is wrong,


Kinda hard to explain, but I have attached a zip that I think shows the "error" well.

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hey torben,


could not open the file. perhaps it is CS5, if you save out as CS4 I will take a look.





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Thanks Carl, sorry for the late reply but forgot to subscribe to the thread.

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hmmm.. this is a real brain mangler.


I changed the reset and goto functions to trace out the timeline's currentTime


when reset is called it accurately traces out a currentLabel of "START" and a currentTime of 0.


BUT then when goto is called it thinks currentLabel is backstage and currentTime is 1.2 ???? :roll:


thanks for having those other traces in there. i don't know why this is happening.

everything you have going on in the reset function doesn't seem to be affecting the final delayed goto() call.


very strange.


function reset() : void {
timeline.currentProgress = 0;
trace("reset label = " + timeline.currentLabel + "  time = " +  timeline.currentTime);


function goto(label : String) : void {

timeline.tweenFromTo(timeline.currentLabel, label);
trace(timeline.currentLabel + " to " + label + " time " + timeline.currentTime);


it actually appears to very momentarily try to play START to middlestage but then it freaks out and does a backstage to middlestage.


I wish I had an answer.



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2 seconds later... lol...



try this. instead of having your onComplete:reset on the last tween put it on the timeline like this:


var timeline = new TimelineMax({onComplete:reset});


this seems to make things work as expected.


i'm still confused though.

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First of all, thank you VERY much for posting a sample FLA that demonstrated the issue. I can't tell you how much quicker it made troubleshooting. I wish everyone followed your lead in that respect :)


The problem had to do with the fact that you were resetting the timeline from within a nested tween. I could bore you with a long explanation as to why that's a challenge to deal with, or I could just tell you it should be fixed in the latest version (posted a few minutes ago). I'll opt for the latter if that's okay with you. If you want a deeper explanation, though, just ask.


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Fantastic support!.....thank you Carl for your perseverance and actually finding a solution. Good to know it wasn't me being stupid.


And thank you Jack for fixing it so quickly. You're the best....and no explanation needed :)

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