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deleteSelection function bug [SOLVED]

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I have a problem when using the function deleteSelection. When I use it with one item, everything is fine. But when I delete several item at the same time (multiple selection) it deletes only one item and throws an error (cannot access object of null reference).


So for instance we have 2 items:


On the first looping it deletes the first item. On the second looping,

 item = _selectedItems[i]

only points to null because _selectedItems is empty (while there were 2 items in it on the first looping)


Do you have any idea where that might come from ?

Thank you

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How can I reproduce this problem? I just double-checked and selected multiple items and pressed the DELETE key and it worked perfectly. No errors whatsoever. Maybe I didn't understand your description properly, though. Can you tell me exactly how to get the error? Feel free to post a simple FLA or Flex project that I can publish to see the problem (the simpler the better - no need to post production files).

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello, I am very sorry for the delay. I was into my work and completely forgot I posted a message here.


The problem was coming from my code. The click off event is launched when deleting an item. I added an event listener that called the deselectAll() function, hence causing the bug described above.


Thank you

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