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ALL Videos not loading

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Hi Jack,


I try to load some video but the loader stop somtimes and all video are not loaded.


The video are encoded with CS5, flv onVP6...

It's very strange because sometimes all vidéos are loaded...


I try to trace error but nothing, here is code:



		queue = LoaderMax.parse(arrayPath, {name:"mainQueue", onProgress:_progressHandler, 
			onError:errorHandler}, {autoPlay:false}) as LoaderMax;
		queue.prependURLs(BEGINING_VIDEO_PATH, false);




private function _queueCompleteHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void 

		MonsterDebugger.trace(this, "Download end!");


	private function onClickPopupDownloadClose(_event:CustomEvent):void

		_videos = queue.getChildren();

		Dispatcher.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent(GenericEvents.VIDEO_LOADER_COMPLETED));


	private function _childCompleteHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void 
		MonsterDebugger.trace(this, "child loaded: " + event.target + " inside queue: " + event.currentTarget);

	private function _onChildFail(event:LoaderEvent):void 
		MonsterDebugger.trace(this, "child error: " + event.target);

	private function _onChildCancel(event:LoaderEvent):void 
		MonsterDebugger.trace(this, "child cancel: " + event.currentTarget);

	private function errorHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void 
		MonsterDebugger.trace(this, "error" + event.target);


a screenshot :





thanks for help

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What version of LoaderMax and VideoLoader are you using? Make SURE you're using the latest version please. http://www.LoaderMax.com

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Hello Jack,


I use the last SVN version 1.772 of loadermax


Problem are methodes : onChildFail:_onChildFail, onChildCancel:_onChildCancel or skipFailed:true don't work and I don't no why



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Please post a sample FLA that I can publish on my end to see the problem in action. It's very tough to troubleshoot without being able to reproduce the issue - maybe there's a problem with the videos you're using (encoded incorrectly)? Not sure. You don't have to post your production files either - just the simplest possible example that shows things not working properly. And have you tried removing MonsterDebugger from the equation to see if it's interfering?

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Sorry if I wasn't clear - I don't just need a class file. I need all of the files necessary for me to publish the swf and see the problem happening. Typically that includes an FLA, at least one class file, and any support files like your videos. It would be ideal if you could post a zip file with the necessary stuff that I can unzip, open, and publish. The simpler the example the better. Please don't post your entire production set of files with lots of extra (non-essential) code.


Also, did you try removing MonsterDebugger from the equation to see if it's causing the problems?

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Ok sorry, I make a zip today.


For MonsterDebugger, yes I have tried with removing trace and it's same.

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