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Creating AIR file from Flash CS5 Sandbox error

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I'm have no experience with Adobe Air and I might have a project coming-up that involves AIR. When I publish one of my existing into a SWF file, I don't get an error, But when I publish/test movie it in AIR, I get the error below. I looked around cross-domain to address issue but I'm still not getting any luck. Just wondering if you can point me to what to look for to address this is.






Time for me to renew my green status :)



[sWF] main.swf - 265985 bytes after decompression

SecurityError: Error #3207: Application-sandbox content cannot access this feature.

at flash.system::Security$/allowDomain()

at com.greensock.loading.core::DisplayObjectLoader/_load()[/users/gerryyumul/Documents/My Projects/axiate2010/project/com/greensock/loading/core/DisplayObjectLoader.as]

at com.greensock.loading.core::LoaderCore/load()[/users/gerryyumul/Documents/My Projects/axiate2010/project/com/greensock/loading/core/LoaderCore.as]

at com.greensock.loading::LoaderMax/_loadNext()[/users/gerryyumul/Documents/My Projects/axiate2010/project/com/greensock/loading/LoaderMax.as]

at com.greensock.loading::LoaderMax/_load()[/users/gerryyumul/Documents/My Projects/axiate2010/project/com/greensock/loading/LoaderMax.as]

at com.greensock.loading.core::LoaderCore/load()[/users/gerryyumul/Documents/My Projects/axiate2010/project/com/greensock/loading/core/LoaderCore.as]

at com.axiate::DeviceUI()[/users/gerryyumul/Documents/My Projects/axiate2010/project/com/axiate/DeviceUI.as]

at main()[/users/gerryyumul/Documents/My Projects/axiate2010/project/main.as]

[unloadSWF] main.swf

Test Movie terminated.

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Hmm...are you using a really old version of LoaderMax?


If you look at line 90 of DisplayObjectLoader (which is used for SWFLoader and ImageLoader), you'll see this:


if (Capabilities.playerType != "Desktop") { //AIR apps will choke on Security.allowDomain()


For some reason, Adobe decided to make AIR apps choke on Security.allowDomain() (thanks Adobe!) but that code should only run when you're not using AIR (hence the conditional logic above). Please make sure you've got the latest version of the LoaderMax classes and if you're still having trouble, please shoot me an example FLA that I can publish to see the error.

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  • 4 months later...

Sorry to dig this up but I'm also getting this problem, using the latest and greatest version of LoaderMax.


It occurs when I try and init a SWFLoader in AIR, works fine in FP10.


trace(Capabilities.playerType) outputs 'Desktop'.


Any ideas?



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Any chance you could post a super simple FLA that demonstrates this happening? That way we can publish it and see exactly what's going on.

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