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accessing cue points

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I can't seem to figure out how to access cue points in a flv being called in from xml.

I feel like I'm sure close to figuring this one out, but seem to be stuck in this area.

I am able trace when the cue point hits in the video but i'm not sure how to advance the the movie to another cue point.

Here is the method that the cue point triggers.


private function rabiVideo(event:LoaderEvent):void {

trace("cue point");

if (event.data.name=="Loop") {






the trace loop works, but not the seekToNavCuePoint....

the commented out code isn't working.. any suggestions?



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That's because VideoLoader doesn't have a seekToNavCuePoint() method. But I just uploaded a new version that adds two methods:





Those should give you what you need :) The ASDocs are updated too.


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