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problem with scale and rotation when .swf is ext [SOLVED]

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I had try using the TransformManager and it work pretty cool on a independent .swf file. No problem with moving, scaling or rotating.


But once i load this .swf to another .swf via loadMovie, the scale and rotation no longer work :(

i'm still able to move the movieClip around, and the handle does appear also. But when i try to scale or rotate via the handle, it simply disappear.


did i do anything wrong or something?




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I can't think of a reason why that would happen. Hm. Any chance you could send me a sample FLA (or two actually) that recreates the problem? Is it the AS2 or AS3 version? Do the parent SWF AND the child SWF have TransformManager compiled in them?

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Hi Admin,


Thanks for the highlight, yea i forgot to compiled the script in the "_parent" movie, didnt think it was necessary.

But now after i compiled, it work like a charm :)


thanks again!

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