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What is the alternate code, please?

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I am looking for the alternate code to the following one:


var K:Loader=new Loader();




K.load(new URLRequest("clock.swf"));

K.x = 160;

K.y = 200;


K.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.INIT, growLoader);


function growLoader(evt:Event):void {


K.width = 130;


K.height = 130;



Thanks in advance for any help.



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"alternate code"? Why? What problem are you running into? (and incidentally, why are you posting questions about Adobe's Loader in the GreenSock forums, especially in the tweening category?)


I've given you a few polite warnings already, but if you continue to post vague, generic things like this in the GreenSock forums (especially things that aren't related to any GreenSock tools) I'll have to suspend your account. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we're happy to answer questions and help fellow GreenSock users out, but most of your 58 posts have either been incredibly generic or unrelated to GreenSock tools or it seemed like you were just wanting us to write your code for you without you putting any effort into attempting solutions yourself. We take every post seriously here and it takes time to read through them and put together a relevant, succinct response to each one. Please have the courtesy to make your posts clear, detailed, and relevant to this particular forum. Show us what you've tried and explain exactly what problem you're running into so that we can give you pertinent answers.

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