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Hello everyone, can someone tell me how to implement a smooth appearance of the title and description. I tried to implement via y: index === 0 ? 0 : 120 * (index + 1), but they are not evenly spaced apart. And I would like to add a smooth appearance of pictures when changing the title and description. Perhaps there are tools in gsap that I don't know about?

See the Pen XWyrgGX by mb38zero (@mb38zero) on CodePen

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Howdy! I don't have a lot of time right now to dig into everything here, but I wanted to offer you some quick advice about how to get the most out of these forums...


Keep it simple. Try to just focus on one thing first. Create a minimal demo that ONLY shows that one particular issue and ask a GSAP-specific question. 


Baby steps 😉


Before you know it, things will fall into place one at a time.


This video from @Carl may be helpful: 


Don't worry - this community has got your back when it comes to GSAP-specific questions. I just wanted to provide some pointers on how to help us help you. 

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