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ScrollTrigger refresh on resize?

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Hey Everyone,


Been scrathcing my head over this one and simply can't figure out how to implement ScrollTrigger rfresh(); to recalculate % start and end values on screen resize.

So in my demo there are two elements which on scroll reduce their widths from 50% - 0% in the left and right direction, Imagine two curtains opening.

Upon load, and with screen resize the two curtains both take up 50% of the viewport no problem, but if I resize after engaging the scrollTrigger the intial values of the 50% are remaining and the "curtains" overlap each other. As can be seen when scrolling and then resizing in the demo.

I believed this to be a simple fix with ScrollTrigger.refresh(); to recalculate but I feel like I'm missing something super obvious!

Sorry for the silly question I've been wracking my head over this one and have been staring at the screen for hours lol 😛 

See the Pen OJBaJKE by Geeza82 (@Geeza82) on CodePen

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This is basically related to the units you're passing to GSAP. So right now you're passing a number 0, so GSAP says: "OK, you want me to tween the width of this element to 0 pixels" and GSAP, being an extremely good library, does exactly what you're asking. The problem is that you're basing your entire setup in percentage-based values. For that you have to be specific so GSAP knows you're intentions. Regardless of all the hard work putted into GSAP, the library still can't read minds ;).


This seems to work the way you intend:

  .to(".left-crunch", { width: "0%" })
  .to(".right-crunch", { width: "0%" }, 0);

Hopefully this helps.

Happy Tweening!

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Oh my! lol I feel like a dope hahaha.

Amazing how the simplest things can get lost when you've been staring at the screen for soooo long

Thanks So much @Rodrigo

Legend :)


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