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Rotate SVG Group circle and other elements when a pointer (small circle) is dragged on its borders.

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Hello I hope you are doing well. I want to achieve that the small circle located on the border of circle when someone drag this in any the circle or svg group should rotate in that direction i'll post an examples 

 so that you (respected helper) can understand. i have provided the code so please update it their. Thank you very much this comunity is very helpful i am loving it thanks : )

See the Pen LYZBaoR by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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We already provided a solution on your previous post: 

And this one is probably even easier - just apply the Draggable.create(..., {type: "rotation"}) to the whole container. 


Please keep in mind that these forums are not for you to post lists of requirements for us to do the work for you (see the forum guidelines) but we're happy to answer any GSAP-specific questions. Maybe try implementing the solution in a CodePen and then if you get stuck, post your attempt here so we can see the problem in context and offer some assistance. 👍

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