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gsap.set-ing an SVG property doesn't move it

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Sandbox URL (it's with React):


I would like to control a draggable via SVG, like in the example.

I create an svg (instead of a g, because I want to easily position children elements relative to it), then I instantiate the draggable in a single-time useEffect, to work on the group but be triggered by the rect.

Add a new box by clicking anywhere on the blue part. A box is created and should be placed in the clicked part by calling gsap.set, but it doesn't.

I added a console.log during dragging so that you can see that the draggable IS moving, but not the element.

How do I solve this?

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I figured out that this only works with g that has an initial transform: translate${x}, ${y}). An svg breaks for some reason, and I wonder why.

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