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ScrollSmoother outside react not working on ScrollTriggers inside react components

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Hi there,


I don't have a codepen for this since it's more of just a question for an issue I'm debugging.


We have built a website and the website uses ScrollSmoother, however we decided to build a specific part of one of the pages on the website using React. When I use ScrollTrigger on the react component it doesn't hook into ScrollSmoother which is used on the page and when I try to use ScrollSmoother.get(), it returns undefined. I was wondering how I might be able to get ScrollSmoother.get() to return the correct value when it's in the surrounding (parent) elements outside of the react components.

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You can go ahead and ignore this. I realized all I had to do was export my ScrollSmoother and import it into my react component. It's fixed now. :-)

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Nicely figured out! Thanks for supporting Club GSAP too 🥳

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