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How to show the text of a xml file in Flash Text Box?

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I have to daily update the number of days finished from the specified days. Say, One work to be finished in 30 days. And the start day is today. So, tomorrow it will be 29 days left. and so on....


So, instead reducing one number from the last days number using flash, it will be easy changing in xml file.


How can I do that?


I have a simple text box "dynamic text box" and the instance name : "Days_Left". Since I am learner I cannot make complex projects. I am learning small things with very few lines code which can be modified using xml files.



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Welcome to the Flash community, learner_7n - I think you'll find that there are a lot of kind developers out there willing to help. But I'd encourage you to exhaust Google and try to accomplish things on your own and then when you have a specific problem, ask in the forums and make sure you post the code and (if at all possible) a sample FLA that isolates the problem. That way people don't have to write all the code for you and they can quickly glance at what you've got going on and identify the problem more quickly. This process will also help you learn better because it forces you to try. That's how I learn mostly - trial and error can be a fantastic teacher.


This forum isn't geared towards general questions like "how do I create a text file, load it into Flash and then update a TextField" - you might want to use the forums at kirupa.com and actionscript.org for that kind of thing. These forums are focused on answering questions specific to GreenSock tools like TweenLite, TweenMax, LoaderMax, etc.


Good luck with your project!

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