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Tween Error #1069: Property cachedPauseTime

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Warning: 'flash' has no property 'prototype'

ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property cachedPauseTime not found on com.greensock.TweenMax and there is no default value.

at com.greensock::TimelineLite/addChild()

at com.greensock::TimelineLite/insert()

at com.greensock::TimelineLite/append()

at banner_game_demo/init()

at banner_game_demo()


When I have gotten around this error, I've ended up not knowing what I did. I'm not looking for a specific answer, just maybe a little theory as to what this is, and how to hunt down the error, or if it can be caused by several things.





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Jack Replied this:


"You must be using a stale version of the tweening platform in the subloaded or the parent swf. Republish them with the same version (I’d recommend the latest of course) and you should be fine. Either that or make sure you’re using a child or separate ApplicationDomain for your LoaderContext when you subload."


Just posting for others.


Thanks Jack

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