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Position tweening of swf => lagging / choppy problem

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Hello to all. Although I tween position (x or y) of bitmaps with excellent performace, I have issues when I try to do the same with swfs (they lag / seem choppy). This happens even if the swf is 10KB size only. Any idea why? Thanx in advance.

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The file size of the swf has nothing to do with rendering performance. You could cram hundreds or thousands of vectors into 10k and stretch them really big on the screen with varying alpha values and have horrible performance. 99.9% of the time when you're having choppy animations it's because you've got a LOT going on in terms of graphics rendering which has nothing to do with a tweening engine or ActionScript execution. Make sure you keep the areas of change on the stage to a minimum. And avoid masks and alpha effects if possible. Maybe try Googling "optimize Flash performance" or something because there are quite a few tips and techniques.

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Wow!!! That was fast! And yes! For one more time you are right! When I tween the swf without doing anything else at the same time there is no lagging!!! Thank you very much for your time and you valuable answer!

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