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Scaling a Flex RichText Component / determine the font size

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Hi everybody,


I'm using the Flex Version of the TransformManager to scale a Spark-RichText-Component. I got the 'contrainScale' property set to true and the 'scaleMode' set to SCALE_NORMAL.


The scaling works fine but what I need to determine is the new corresponding font size.


I also thought about calculating the font size depending on the components new width or height, with the scaleMode set to SCALE_WIDTH_AND_HEIGHT. Can't figure it out, any help appreciated.


Thank you, regards


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If your scaleMode is SCALE_NORMAL, wouldn't it be as simple as multiplying the font size by the scale? For example, if the font is 12px and the scale is 2, the actual font size would be 24.

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Thank you very much! It really was that simple. Works perfectly in combination with AlivePDF.




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