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We're a design agency based in London, developing a website for a client in Warwickshire and we require some web-based animation of an infographic. The infographic is based around a world map and uses globes and flags as clickable links to reveal countries or areas on the world map. We were thinking the animation could be coded in HTML 5, but maybe this would be a better solution? The website needs to go live on the 14 of April, so we would need to see something  to comment on and test by the first week of April, latest. Would anyone be interested?  Attached are two screen grabs for ref. Thank you. Nick - NAD

Other countires.jpg

UK only.jpg

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Hi Nick, I'm interested to work on this and I've sent you a DM, please check

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Hi Abi,
Thanks for your quick response.
You can get a rough idea of the animation required based on the x2 images I uploaded.
A more specific brief here:
The globes are continent specific, the flags are country specific. For each country there would be a maximum of 12 text entries, as shown on the ‘other countries’ jpg.
There are 12 countries to be shown in Europe and a total of around 10 (to be confirmed) for the rest of the world.
When you hover-over or click on a globe, the flags of the countries within that continent would be displayed beneath it.
Then, when you hover-over or click on a flag the cross-hairs and circle would move across the map to that specific country which would be picked-out and highlighted in the globe-continent colour and the 12 text entries would appear as shown.
For the ‘executive globe’, the 12 ‘executive’ entries would appear in the same sequence as above.  So, after the executive globe has been clicked, click-on the relevant flag to show the placements for that particular country. I trust that makes sense?
Hopefully this is enough of a brief for you to give me an estimated cost to produce the animation.
If the cost looks do-able, then we can speak further.

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It is best we discuss this in private so I’ve sent a message, please check.

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Hello there, are you still looking for designer? ;) 


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Hi Diana,

Yes, I'm just preparing a comprehensive brief for people to quote on.


I'll be in touch.





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Hi  Diana ,

As promised, here is a detailed brief for the 'animated placements maps' for my client. The brief has changed slightly which is why I'm sending it to you again.

As this is now the final brief, please provide an accurate quote and timeframe for completion please.

I will send all the quotations received to the client for consideration and then let you know if you have been chosen by the client.

Thank you, brief below.

Please read this brief in conjunction with the images supplied.

To create an animated map, showing job placements around the world. 

The map will feature 9 regions, each with 12 text entries (supplied in the attached word document). If possible, we would like the text entries to be editable by us in the future?

The regions to be featured are:

The United Kingdom (1 region)

Europe (4 regions)
Western Europe - The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland
South Europe - Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria
Nordics - Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland
Eastern Europe - Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, and Ukraine, Romania.

Other Countries (4 regions) to be featured:
Middle East / Africa

The three image files (supplied for reference) show the Uk, Western Europe and Executive placements as examples of how these regions would be displayed within the animation.

The flow of animation is as follows:

1.The user will click-on any ‘globe’ first, to activate and show the required country/continent.

2.Either a map of Europe, Middle East/Africa, Oceania, Americas or the 'Executive' world map will appear.
(It would be good if the map could enlarge in an animated way to fill the area allowed for it. Perhaps the text entries could also be animated at the same time when they appear? Please consider this in the animation).

3. For the Middle East/Africa, Oceania, Americas or the 'Executive' world map, the 12 text entries will appear when the 'globe' is clicked, with dots to show which country the placements are in. The dots could be animated to appear one at a time, with the associated text entry?

4. For Europe, the user must hover-over the regions of the map to reveal the 12 text entries associated with the region of Europe hovered-over. 

Note: The UK, Middle East/Africa, Oceania, Americas and Executive maps would not have clickable regions within the map as clicking on the ‘globe’ would show the entire continent and text entries immediately.

Please include the country reference in red under each text entry for every continent featured, apart from the entries for the UK.

Please consider how the animation would work in mobile view. We know this might be tricky, but it is a desirable for it to work if possible.

Note: I may be able to supply an EU and world map for you to use, but my experience of the maps I can source is that their quality is not great... so you my prefer to use or provide your own? If you need to buy-in and use your own, please include this cost in the quotation.

If you could supply an example of a similar animation which you have worked on, that would be great.

A questions please let me know.

Thank you.



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