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adding an array of images to my preloader?

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I have a preloader that I created using loaderMax. I got the xml and the swf file to loading. But now I would like to add an array of images, say 10 to this file, and I'm not sure what the best way to go about this would be. Any helpful hints in the right direction would be great! Here is what I have so far.



public class Preloader extends MovieClip


public var queue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name:"mainQueue",onComplete:completeHandler,onError:errorHandler});

public var progressBar:MovieClip = new progBar_mc();


public function Preloader():void



//starts the load for the XML

queue.append( new XMLLoader("xml/medallion.xml", {name:"myXML",onProgress:progressHandler,onComplete:loadXml}));

//starts the load for the swf file, and adds it to this container

queue.append( new SWFLoader("medallion.swf", {onProgress:progressHandler,estimatedBytes:126000,container:this}));



progressBar.loadText.text = "loading xml";




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G'day mate,


Just quickly whipped up this for you. But you could define an array of images and then setup an ImageLoader inside a loop and append your loaderMax Object like so.


	//Setup Array of Images
	var aImages:Array = new Array("image1.jpg", "image2.jpg", "image3.gif", "image4.png");

	//Setup LoaderMax for preloading images
	var mainLoader:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax( { name:"mainloader" } );

	//Loop through array and add images to loadermax object
	for (var i:int = 0; i < aImages.length; i++) 
		//Get filename from array
		var imageFile:String = aImages[i];
		//Setup Imageloader Object
		var iLoad:ImageLoader = new ImageLoader(imageFile, new ImageLoaderVars()

		//Append LoaderMax Object with the imageloader we just setup


	//Finally load the loadermax object and all imageloaders attached to it

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Thanks for your help on this.

Where are you getting this from?


new ImageLoaderVars()

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could I also add this to direct where all my images for this loader are living?



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You'd probably want to prependURLs to your LoaderMax object instead of each image Loader. Would be a bit more optimized that way. So after:


you can do



Also the new ImageLoaderVars() is an inline object which gives code hinting for dot syntax. You still fine to use the old approach of including your vars in a generic object and skipping the new ImageLoaderVars() object instead

etc {smoothing:true, container:true}

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I get these 2 errors:

1180: Call to a possibly undefined method ImageLoaderVars.

1061: Call to a possibly undefined method prependURLs through a reference with static type com.greensock.loading:ImageLoader.



I thought I had the correct stuff imported.

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The first error is caused by the fact that you didn't import the ImageLoaderVars class:

import com.greensock.loading.data.ImageLoaderVars;


The second error means you're trying to call prependURLs() on an ImageLoader instance - you can't do that. Only LoaderMax has prependURLs() (which kinda makes sense if you think about it). If you want to prepend the url of a ImageLoader directly, you'd do:


myImageLoader.url = "http://www.myPrefix.com/" + myImageLoader.url;

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