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SVG appendChild at specific childNode

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I am able to move a grouped element within my SVG to the front of all other elements using appendChild, but how do I put it back into the same Z level that I took it from?


Before the appendChild code runs the Firebase group is on the bottom of the SVG stack; after the code runs it is on the top. How do I put it back to its original bottom position.


See the Pen KKxQLOE by sandalwoodsh (@sandalwoodsh) on CodePen

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See the Pen eYLMYLd by sandalwoodsh (@sandalwoodsh) on CodePen


The solution I opted for was to clone the object and append the clone to the SVG; that way the original remains intact. Since I only want to bring the group <g> to the front, it works for my purposes. Once I'm done with the clone, I can remove it and the original element still exists in its proper layer within the SVG stack.

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I think both answers provide a solution depending on one's needs.

I definitely realize that PointC has a much broader and deeper depth of knowledge; so I bow to his expertise.

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