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Firefox Problem, no scroll after Browser "back"

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Hi there,


I have build a page with a lot of GSAP Animations and I'm very happy so far. The only problem I have is in Firefox, and I can't wrap my head around whats happening here. 


Here's the example: If you go to *** and then scroll down and click on one of the 4 "Service Blocks" (Beratung/Planung/Realisierung/Wartung), it opens a new page. When you click the top right "X" ont he new dark service page, it goes back to the last page ( in this case ***) and goes down to the serviceBlock, by using the Anker #serviceBlock. 

This works so far. But when I then try to scroll on the page, I can't scroll up or down anymore. It seems the whole page is broken. Does this have anything to do with Firefox aggressive caching? Its working fine in Chrome!?

Any help would be greatly appreciated here. Thanks a lot!!

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Hi there sparks,


It's very hard (near impossible) for us to help debug live sites.

Is there any way you can isolate the issue in a minimal demo on codepen?

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As Cassie mentions live sites make it really hard to debug, the only thing that I can see is that you're using version 3.11.3. Would you mind updating to 3.11.4 and see how it works?


Happy Tweening!

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Yeah, that site seems to actually be using an even older version of ScrollSmoother - 3.10.4. I'd definitely recommend updating. I'm not aware of any Firefox-specific issues (ever), but maybe whatever was causing that in your particular setup has been resolved in a more recent release. If you still have trouble, a minimal demo in CodePen / Stackblitz / CodeSandbox would be a massive help. 

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Thanks a lot guys! I updated to the latest versions and that seemed to do the trick. Thanks agian!

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