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Prevent scrolltrigger replay on windows resize

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Hey everyone!


I would like to prevent the Scrolltrigger from playing each the time the window is resized; basically, I just want each heading to be played once and never again (except or a full page refresh). I'm aware that a normal tween might've been a better solution for what I'm trying to achieve, but I'm rolling with it for now.


See the Pen NWLvVKJ by RoryVB (@RoryVB) on CodePen

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Not sure if I'm missing some reasoning here - but you have an event listener which is adding a new animation on every resize event, so if you remove that you have what you're after? Let me know if I'm misunderstanding your needs!

See the Pen mdGMYQg?editors=0110 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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Oh wow... Look at me 😅. A great example of tunnel vision I guess.


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No worries! I love a softball forum question!

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