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Pull animation element coordinates from Google Sheets

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Hi there,

I have this animation made in After Effects. I've exported it as a Lottie animation for now, but I'd like it to be driven by a Google Sheet of location coordinates. The goal is for this to run as a hero animation on the website, without me having to do anything when a new location is added. Instead, the marketing team would simply enter map coordinates in Google Sheets and yet another dot would appear on the map.


Is GSAP a potential solution for this?



See the Pen ExevXbr by lessing (@lessing) on CodePen

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Definitely! GSAP can handle SVG without any problem (assuming that you'll export your setup as SVG vectors so they can be animated with GSAP), then you can get your data from anywhere you want as JSON for example and use it to create your animation or add/remove dots to your map. How do you get your data is quite irrelevant to be honest, just get the data from any server and tell GSAP what to do in terms of your animation.


Hopefully this helps. If you have more doubts, please create a minimal demo that we can take a look at in order to give you the best possible support.

Happy Tweening!

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