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pseudo 3d in as2

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i have an as2 project to finish and the client want a plane that rotate around the X axis. hm. unfortunately i cant use rotationx because its not a as3 project. i tried to yscale the plane to 0 and the again to 100 for an "pseudo 3d effect". doesnt looks realy good. i tried some stuff with the transform matrix but had no luck. is there a way to "taper" a clip to simulate the 3d effect? or somebody knows a better way to make a simple 3d rotation in as2 without papervision? found some crazy stuff/formulas but i thought maybee tweenmax can handle this for me :)



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Nope, sorry, TweenMax doesn't do pseudo 3D stuff like that in AS2. It's a relatively complex thing to make the corners of a MovieClip move independently. Not impossible, of course, but it's not something that TweenMax does. PV3D may be your best bet.

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yes, i expected this :).

ok. have to use pv3d...hope it exist an stable as2 version of it.

thank you for your answer.

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