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Majharul Islam

Fix The Leg Isso Of Horizontal Scrolling Panels From Mobile Device.

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Hi Guys

I make a code for horizontal scroll and its work perfectly in desktop devices but in the mobile device when I scrolling with touch it's create some leg.

Here Is The Problem:

2023-02-10-00-26-59_KaHU5Lcj (1).mkv

Here Is My Code:

useEffect(() =>{
  const panel = document.querySelectorAll(".panel");
  const panels = document.querySelectorAll(".panel").length;
  const containers = document.querySelector(".containers");
  const pin = document.querySelector(".container");
    const ctx = gsap.to(panel, {
    xPercent: -100 * (panels - 1),
    ease: "none",
    scrollTrigger: {
      start:"center center",
      trigger: containers,
      scrub: 3,
      end: () => "+=" + containers.offsetWidth
  setTimeout(() => {
    if (ctx && ctx.scrollTrigger && ctx.scrollTrigger.scroll() > ctx.scrollTrigger.start) {
  }, 200);
  return () => {

Please Make me solution of this.



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Sorry to hear about the issues. Unfortunately a code snippet and a video is not enough for us to give you some advice on this. Please create a minimal demo showing exactly what you're doing without copying your entire project, just the parts that are causing troubles.


You can fork this starter template:



Also there is any reason for not using GSAP Context? Indeed you're cleaning up correctly in your code, but is always recommended to use GSAP Context in your React apps.


Finally your video is not actually from a real device, it is a screen of the browser's devtools emulating the size of a mobile screen. Have you actually tested this in a real device? If you have, please provide details about the device, OS and browser please.


Happy Tweening!

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