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Looking for a Three JS and GSAP developer for a short task

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Hi there,

I'm looking for a developer with advanced skills in Three JS and GSAP.
I want to replicate the same hover animation as here https://www.nightingale.world/projects/category/exposure/
I don't need styles or mouse position list moves. And it isn't important to have the same animation.
I need to replicate fast image switching because I can't understand the logic.

How do they update the timeline on uniform progress and image switch on every mouseenter with debouncing? If it were a slider, that would be easy, but here something more complicated.

The task is to provide HTML and JS files or just a codepen.



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Hi there! Thanks for posting in the freelance channel.

If you could provide an  estimated compensation range for anyone interested that would be great - thanks!


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Hi Cassie,
It's hard to say. Because I don't know how much time advanced developers need.
Let's make it a $100 task. The faster, the better.

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I may be able to do this if it is still available?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally, I found the answer. Thanks.

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