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Using ScrollTrigger to change selected menu item?

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So `ScrollTrigger.isInViewport()` can tell you if an element is visible, but is there a way to use this to work out the 'most' visible, or most recently visible? I'd basically like to switch which menu item is active based on which element is visible, rather than just when it hits a certain point on screen

I just thought I'd ask if there was a simple way to do this before I started working out a way to track the changes :)

*Edit: This approach almost works, but flicks to 4 (or I'm guessing to whatever the default of the ternary statement is I'm using)

See the Pen RwBOdQP?editors=1111 by nwoodward (@nwoodward) on CodePen

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16 minutes ago, ryan_labar said:

I think your best bet for this would be to create a loop for each section, and set the start and end values for each section, then use toggleClass or onEnter/onEnterBack callbacks to update the classes.



Thanks Ryan. Yeah I did consider onEnter until I saw there was an isVisible function. You're probably right though, I can't think of an easier way to do it, just thought I'd check

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Actually, having reworked my codepen, just specifying the amount of element that needs to be visible should make it work as needed. Going to try now


  const section1 = ScrollTrigger.isInViewport(".section1", .6);
  const section2 = ScrollTrigger.isInViewport(".section2", .6);
  const section3 = ScrollTrigger.isInViewport(".section3", .6);
  const section4 = ScrollTrigger.isInViewport(".section4", .6);

Edit: XD That did not work as planned! My idea was if .6 had to be in view then if each element was full screen then there could only ever be one active element. Don't know why that logic doesn't work, but it doesn't!

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I think Ryan's advice is the best course of action for this:

const itemNumber = document.querySelector('.item-number');
const sections = gsap.utils.toArray(".section");

sections.forEach((section, i) => {
    trigger: section,
    start: "top center",
    onEnter: () => itemNumber.innerText = i + 1,
    onLeaveBack: () => itemNumber.innerText = i,

Here is a live example:

See the Pen XWBQwgp by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Hopefully this helps.

Happy Tweening!

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I updated the pen with your changes @Rodrigo, an actual menu and a dummy section, in case it's useful to anyone later. I'll probably add a @Carl inspired underline animation too :)

I'm a bit surprised though thatonLeaveBack: () => setActive(sectionsMap.get(sections[i - 1]))isn't erroring though when scrolling back up?

See the Pen NWBmZgd?editors=1011 by nwoodward (@nwoodward) on CodePen

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Just added the smooth scroll effect on clicking individual menu items - it's a shame it sets the intermediate menu items as active, think that looks pretty ugly 😕

*Edit: maybe if I debounce the setActive function so it'll only work on the last call? Edit: Nope :D

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29 minutes ago, Rodrigo said:



Maybe preventOverlaps could help in this scenario:


Happy Tweening!

That is a cool feature, but it doesn't seem to work for me - I'm assuming because it impacts animations rather than their callbacks? ie, it's the `setActive` call that needs to be skipped, rather than the animation itself

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