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Pinned element inside dynamic content section

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is is possible to pin element in section with dynamic content?
In example, sticky element is H2 in #section2 but i need pinned H2 when i show collapsed content clicking on button.
Could you help me?


See the Pen VwBNBeN by adam-ezn-ek (@adam-ezn-ek) on CodePen

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First of all, thanks for the minimal demo, @adam.reznicek! Super clear and very helpful. 


Yes, you can dynamically do stuff like that - the key is that you've gotta tell ScrollTrigger to refresh() after you've shifted things around in the DOM. That'll tell it to re-calculate the start/end values for the various ScrollTriggers. You could get fancy and do a ResizeObserver that's debounced like this: 

See the Pen wvxbBjX?editors=1010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Or do it in whatever way you want - the point is to wait until your DOM is done shifting around, and THEN call ScrollTrigger.refresh(). 


Does that help? 

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