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Horizontal Scroll Trigger - Safari bug (end screen)

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First of all thank you for a wonderful community and forum with lots of resources and information and guides!


Codesandbox url:



The issue:

The problem occurs in Safari browser, when you scroll to the end screen, the end container seems to have some kind of overflow issue. The scrolling changes from horizontal to vertical scroll and messes up the scrolling.


How to reproduce:

Scroll to the end and see how the scroll behavior changes from horizontal scrolling, to vertical at the very end.



Loom video to show the issue: 



Some screenshots below:











Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you! :)



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Welcome to the forums, @nick.saigondigital

Are you just talking about overscroll-behavior? 



I couldn't replicate any problems whatsoever in Safari. I scrolled a ton. But overscroll-behavior is annoying in Safari for sure. Try disabling it in the CSS. 


Or am I missing something? 

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