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I am doing snap scrolling on mouse wheel or by click from button, as I have to scroll parallaly all other elements, getting some issues

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  1. How to scroll to only next element on mouse wheel and not to any other element ?
  2. how to scroll to specific element if I click from any random button from 1 - 5 ? (if I click from 1 - 5 or 5 - 1 incrementally it works fine but not with random button click)
  3. how to avoid dragging effect when I scroll in snap scrolling ?
  4. do you have any such examples where based on main div scroll, it's children is in sync ?

See the Pen LYBJMNM by Praveen_Saboji (@Praveen_Saboji) on CodePen

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Howdy! I don't have a lot of time right now to dig into everything here, but I wanted to offer you some quick advice about how to get the most out of these forums...


Keep it simple. Don't list a bunch of requirements ("it should do ___ and ____ and also ___ while at the same time ____ and please also make it ___" - that's too hard to follow). Just pick the very first thing and see if you can make that work. If you get stuck, post one question focused on that one piece, like "how can I pin each section one at a time?" Keep your CodePen focused only on that one piece with as little code/markup as possible. Then once that's answered, move on to your next question/problem. 


Baby steps 😉


Before you know it, things will fall into place one at a time.


Again, try not to list out all the problems. Break them apart. You'll get a lot more people willing to help you if you keep things simple and clear. A well-crafted minimal demo is GOLD around here - you'll get people falling over themselves to help you if you make a CodePen that's super clear and isolates the ONE issue. Explain exactly how to reproduce the problem, like "scroll down to the blue section and notice how it pins before it hits the top of the viewport" for example.


Don't worry - this community has got your back when it comes to GSAP-specific questions. I just wanted to provide some pointers on how to help us help you. 

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