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React + swipable draggable proxy carousel not working

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Hi, im trying to convert an existing draggable codepen to work with react. But its not working. it only works when i swipe to the left or hit the prev button, swiping next doesnt work.  Also, it doesn't snap. I'm new to gsap and not sure where i'm going wrong. i omitted the timer to disable the automatic swiping to help troubleshooting.


the codepen i'm trying to convert to react:

See the Pen veyxyQ by osublake (@osublake) on CodePen


See the Pen poZGgaj by ziploker (@ziploker) on CodePen

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Hi there, this is quite a large task. You may get some help but large tasks like this are a bit intimidating to answer as they take a lot of time. Just mentioning to manage expectations a little.


If no one jumps in, there's a series of article we wrote about GSAP & React over here that may help you.




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Hey @amsterdamAL,


One thing I noticed is that you are using some outdated GSAP plugins and code:

Namely ThrowProps is now Inertia Plugin: https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Plugins/InertiaPlugin

Also, no need to use "TweenLite" any more everything can be called via gsap. -- gsap.to(), gsap.set(), gsap.timeline().to().from()... etc.

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